The Dreaded YouTube Burnout

When Aly and I started our YouTube channel it was with the goal of making writing videos together. Actually, it all started with doing writing book reviews. Then we decided to add in a few more book related videos. Somewhere along the way, we found the bookish content taking over and the writing pushed to the back.

Let’s face it, the reason for this was that it’s cause it was easier. Two of the biggest and most common videos in the booktube community are haul videos and monthly reading wrap ups. Easy! We talked about what books we bought and what we read and ended up with quick, fast content.

Of course, the downside was that I felt compelled to buy books each month to feature in hauls. Then there was the stress of reading more to talk about in the wrap ups. It quickly went from fun and easy to overwhelming for me and the writing videos were lost.

The Changes Being Made

We took an unexpected hiatus from the channel at the end of 2018. That break let us re-evaluate what we were doing and how to manage the channel going forward. You can watch the video above to get the full details but basically: The channel is supposed to be a fun side project focused on writing. With that in mind, we decided to drop the more “booktube” like content, specifically hauls and reading wrap ups, and focus more on writing videos.

The biggest change is that we’re not going to try to churn out content. Like I said, the channel was supposed to be a fun thing to help us share our progress with anyone that might be interested. Instead of trying to have a strict schedule of so many videos a week, we’re focusing more on what is being put out. The goal is for us to be consistent and also thoughtful about what we put out.

Sometimes, if you’re not having fun anymore you need to take a step back and find out why. I’m glad that we did just that and that we’re getting back to what our original idea was.

Be sure to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already and you’re looking forward to some writing videos!

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