A (Belated) YouTube Update!

A long long time ago (in June), my friend Aly and I decided to team up and start a YouTube channel. We’ve got 18 videos up so far and many more planned in the future. Here’s a link to our latest video, which is the second in the series of what started this channel: writing book reviews!

Not only is it easier (and more fun) to make videos with your friend but we’re also hoping to have a good combination of book and writing videos. There should also be some weekly writing vlogs from both of us going up in the next few weeks, as well as videos where we talk about our current projects.

As for an update on how my writing is going? Well, I’ll save that for another post but it’s going a bit slow right now. I am hoping to be able to get into a groove and then hopefully I’ll have a more positive update to share.

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